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Principal's Update 4/26

Principal's Update
Posted on 04/26/2020
Allen Families—

Happy Sunday! There are lots of things to update and share. Please read through all the information.

Grade Level Nights

We as a staff have planned an event for each of our grade levels to provide an opportunity for you to bring kids back up to school grounds for a bit of closure for the 2019-2020 school year. We miss your families and hope all will take the opportunity to participate.

We have lots of things to exchange from materials and supply boxes students still have at school to library books, text books, or other things you all have at home that need to come back to us. On your child’s grade level night, you can drive up anytime between the 5-7PM window. We will have adults directing traffic and let you know what lane to pull through. When it is your turn, you will pull up even with the tables and see your child’s teacher, exchange materials, get your yearbook if you purchased one, and anything else needed. Once all materials are exchanged and goodbyes have been said, you will pull through and start your summer vacation.

As a staff, we will be wearing masks and gloves. All families will be required to stay in vehicles. The playground is closed. To keep everyone safe, we must follow all guidelines. We agree that this is not ideal and would love to hug all over your kids at this time to give a proper summer send-off, but we need to keep people safe. Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Fifth Grade—We are sad that we do not get to celebrate your elementary years with a big program in the gym surrounded by family. I feel for 8th graders and especially for high school and college seniors also. These are difficult times. The teachers have your promotion certificates and will be able to give those to you as you drive through along with your other materials. We are proud of you and thank you for the value and work you have added to Allen to help us reach record high results. Proud of you! Check out the school grounds as you pull through, because if I know our PTA and teachers, the property will be decorated up for you!

What to bring on your child’s grade level night?

5th Grade and students moving from Allen—chrome books and chargers.
3rd and 4th graders that are returning to Allen may keep their chrome book until the fall school year. You can continue to access I-Ready through the end of June, as well as many other resources. You can turn it in if you would like.
K-2 students that picked up a chrome book may also keep it until August.
Library Books—Mrs. Russell will email your family prior to the grade level nights with any outstanding library books. All library books get returned.
TextbooksAny other school owned materials

What to pick up?

We are taking care of cleaning out desks and cubbies to return all materials that belong to students. We will have those materials to give to you on that night. Mr. McClary will also prepare costumes and props brought in for the ChorAllen production for pick-up.

—If you ordered a yearbook, your child’s teacher will have those ready to distribute separately from the bag of materials. We will have a check off to verify we gave out yearbooks to the correct families.

**If you were still interested in ordering a yearbook, we do have a handful of extras. Please email Mrs. Howell at [email protected]. It will be first come first serve. Email today if interested and she can let you know cost and how you would make payment.

Inclement weather plan.

We have a plan if the weather is poor and will continue with the grade level nights as planned. Instead of using our lanes, you will be directed to spots where teachers will be set up under the awnings along the sidewalk. Minus severe storms, we should be able to continue as scheduled.

If weather does prevent an evening from happening, we will either merge with another evening or reschedule for the following week.

Thank you in advance for working with us during these evening events. Difficult situations will always pop up, but it is how we handle them that matter. Together, we will make the most of a tough situation and share some smiles as we send students off for the summer. We cannot wait to see your family and have worked to create a safe way to do so. I will continue to provide updates the next several weeks as we approach the events.


  1. Grade Level Night Schedule—Each drive through event will be open 5-7PM.
    5th Grade—Tuesday, May 12th
    4th Grade—Wednesday, May 13th
    2nd/3rd Grades—Thursday, May 14th
    K/1st Grades—Friday, May 15th

  2. Kindergarten Registration
    Registration for kindergarten will open back up May 18th-22nd
    On-site registration available May 20th (social distancing guidelines required)
    Please help us get the word out to those with future kindergarten students. Thanks!

  3. Returning Student Registration
    The PowerSchool Parent Portal will open up returning student registration May 1st-22nd.
    Please register your students during the May window.
    Those students that were on hardship this past school year are approved for future years and do not need to do anything else.
    New hardships can access paperwork at under student services. I always enter 'hardship' into the search bar, as that seems to be the fastest way to find it. Hardship applications will be accepted during the month of May. There is a committee at HCDE that looks at those and makes the final determinations. It is NOT a school-based decision.

  4. CARES Act and Summer School Options
    The district has obtained funding to provide summer options for students and those that choose to take the opportunity. It is not mandatory and is completely optional. We have had several families ask as they see information about it. Would be a choice.
    Any summer options would be contingent upon students being able to congregate and be together with relaxed social distancing guidelines. The district is working diligently to have plans in place in case it is an option.

  5. Food Distribution
    Food distribution will continue through May 21st following the current plan. The Allen community can pick up food at Hixson High School, Middle Valley Elementary, or Soddy Elementary between 11-1PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    A summer food plan will be announced later in May.

  6. Summer Reading Pilot
    The Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation is working to provide all K-2nd grade students with 2 free books mailed to you during each summer month.
    They will also make Ready Rosie available for K-2nd families. All K-2nd families will receive an invite. I am not sure when that will come out.
    The website is

    I appreciate the state working to create opportunities for our families to provide literature for the summer. It is important that kids continue to read each day during the summer. It matters and makes a difference.
  7. Allen Virtual Learning
    Our staff will continue to plan and provide virtual learning opportunities through the week of May 11th, wrapping up with each grade’s Grade Level Night.
    School lobby is unlocked from 10-2PM for packet pick-up.

Thank you! Have a great day!

Mr. T

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