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3-5 Song Making: Phase 3 & 4 Advanced Rhythm

Song Making: Phase 3 & 4 Advanced Rhythm
Posted on 04/20/2020

Clear Learning Target

Develop your Phase 2 song, by:
1) Adding an example of syncopation;
2) Dividing beats into four sounds in a beat and "filling in" the rhythm.


In this tutorial, you will take your phase 2 melody and drum rhythm. Keeping the SIMILAR MELODY STRUCTURE and the REPEATING RHYTHM (also called an OSTINATO), you will develop further variation to your original composition.


In the Phase 3 tutorial, you will remove one or two notes that occur on a downbeat, creating synopation. Syncopation is a rhythm that emphasizes the up-beat rather than the down-beat.

In the phase 4 tutorial, you will change the settings to 4 sounds to a beat and strategically fill in between some of the notes that you originally wrote in Phase 2. Have at least one example of takadimi and try not to take away from your example of syncopation.


Phase 3
1. Song used is from Phase 2.
2. Syncopation is created by removing one or two downbeats in a measure.
3. For the melody, a similar phrase structure is observed where the first measure of each phrase is identical and the endings are different.
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Phase 4

4. Beats are subdivided to 4 in settings.
5. Notes are added to fill in between the Phase 3 original.
5. For the drum rhythm, it is exactly repeated in each measure.
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