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3-5 Song Making: Phase 2

3-5 Song Making: Phase 2
Posted on 04/13/2020

Clear Learning Target

Develop your original, similar phrase structured melody with SUBDIVIDED beats.


In this tutorial, you will take your simple melody and rhythm from phase 1 and subdivide the beats. Keeping the SIMILAR MELODY STRUCTURE and the REPEATING RHYTHM (also called an OSTINATO), you will add some variation to your original composition.


Tutorial assumes that you didn't write a rhythm yet. You should have; this video was published slightly different time from the original.


1. Original melody is used from Phase 1
2. Beats are subdivided in settings.
3. For the melody, a similar phrase structure is observed where the first measure of each phrase is identical and the endings are different.
4. Variation is added to the repeating rhythm and exactly repeated throughout.
5. Copy and Paste link into Google Classroom to submit.
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