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3-5 Chrome Music, Lesson 2

3-5 Chrome Music, Lesson 2
Posted on 03/29/2020

Clear Learning Target

Follow given structure for writing a two-phrase melody with similar phrases.


Device with Internet Service
Simple Structure, Phase 1: 2 Similar Phrases Tutorial Video (YouTube)
Chrome Music Lab – Song Maker
Google Classroom (if applicable)


Musical phrase
Same and Similar Phrases


A musical phrase is a segment of a song, a musical idea.
Musical phrases in most American music is measured by the number of bars of time (in beats) that it takes to complete the musical idea.
Musical phrases that are the same have the exact same pitches and rhythm, beginning to end.
Musical phrases that are similar have the same pitches and rhythm in the beginning, but end with different pitches and/or rhythm.



Search for and open Chrome Music Lab.
Select Song Maker app.
Open Settings. Prepare a template with these settings:
1. Length: 4 bars
2. Beats per bar: 4
3. Split beats into: 1
4. Scale: Pentatonic
5. Starting note: Middle G
6. Range: 2 octaves


1. ​Lower Section (Rhythm) - Create a unique phrase in bar 1 that is repeated exactly the same in bars 2, 3 and 4.

2. ​Upper Section (Melody) Create two similar, 2-bar melodic phrases. Phrase 1: bars 1 and 2; phrase 2: bars 3 and 4.
Suggested guidelines:
a. Bar 1 and Bar 3 should be identical
b. Bar 2 and Bar 4 should be different

You may choose to leave some beats as rests.

3. Save your work and add the bookmark to your bookmark bar.
4. Using Google Classroom, turn in your work by dragging your bookmark into the Private Comments.
5. Turn In.
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